Mullege’s inception began in 1953 by Awel who had a great vision, but with little means to fulfill it.
Awel began a small coffee supplier to exporters business and educated his son, Mustafa, who used to unilaterally negotiate prices with farmers to sell to exporters by using donkeys as transportation in the early 1970s.
Mustafa’s sagacious business approach allowed the business to blossom, and by 1996, Mullege went from a small supplier to an exporter with fully loaded coffee containers.
Mullege also had a vast experience in the processing industry of agricultural products such as processing of red coffee cherries into exportable green coffee beans. The industrial complex consists of ten pulping stations and three Hulling stations located strategically within the coffee producing areas of the country.
There are also two major plants located in the capital city of Addis that process green coffee beans for export. The production capacity of the industries are 220 Tons daily of export quality green coffee beans.


Mustafa Awel
CEO/Managing Director

Mustafa Awol is a business man who has exceptional entrepreneurial qualities. Mullege’s break through result was achieved
under his leadership. Mustefa has proven his management capabilities still working as CEO/Managing Director of Mullege PLC.

Mahabub Mustefa Awel
General Manager

Mahabub joined Mullege in 1999 when he came back from U.S.A. He is Mullege’s General Manager. Mahabub was actively involved in launching multiple projects like the Nestle product distribution.

Nuria Mustefa Awel
Logistics manager

Nuria is Mullege’s Logistics manager. Where she manages a fleet of 120 trucks. She studied with a B.A in sociology and minor in accounting from Addis Ababa University. She has been working with Mullege since 2005.

Girma Bekele
Financial Advisor

BA Accounting
More than 25 years of experience in private business

Hashim Mustefa Awel
Deputy General Manager

Hashim Mustefa Awel is Deputy General Manager of Mullege PLC. He is also the country manager for the distribution of Nestle, P&G, Wyeth Nutrition, and Perfetti Van Mel. He earned a Bachelor of Art in Economics from Georgia State University and an MBA from Lincoln University in Oakland, California.

Hayat Mustefa Awel
Supply Chain Manager

Hayat joined Mullege in 2010 after completing Law from Addis Ababa University. She is the Supply Chain Manager for Mullege’s Distribution division.

Yisehak Mustefa Awel
Supply Chain Manager

Yisehak is the International Business Executive for Mullege. He joined Mullege in 2012 after completing his studies in Industrial Engineering at Kennesaw State University. He has worked with Nestle Waters USA as an Industrial Engineer and was part of the TPM-Kaizen team at Nestle Waters USA.

Rabia Sima
CFO for Mullege

Rabia Sima is the CFO for Mullege. She has 17 years of experience in cost accounting for textile manufacturing, commodity and merchandise. She joined Mullege in 2011.

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